‘7 Steps to Results’ – The Four Percent Group Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem Explained

This article answers the most frequently asked questions about the 4 percent group marketing ecosystem.

What is the four percent group?

The four percent group was created to provide a unique ecosystem to make money online with affiliate marketing while balancing various other areas of life too (health, relationships, entrepreneur mind set, etc).

The main characteristics of the online marketing parts are:

  • suitable for beginners as well as professional marketers
  • generate income from multiple independent companies (= income streams)
  • focus on results (affiliate commissions) and simplicity
  • step by step video instructions on how to plug online selling systems together
  • give complete control over your online selling system
  • “Operation 100k” – Top affiliate Vick Strizheus exclusive video series where he generates $100,000 online without using his status or name, facing the same challenges a total beginner would have to handle

The fourpercent systems objective is to remove the main problems of the make money online industry in 2017:

  • Information overload (you don’t know where to start or what to do…)
  • Not Getting the Results you want (unable to get sales and money …)
  • Traffic Generation Challenges (not knowing how and where to get hungry visitors to your website that are ready to buy what you’re selling…)
  • Avoid Fluff (a bunch of gurus talking and no “1-2-3 action plan” to follow…)

These of course are huge claims, therefore let’s have a look at the programs available right now in the fourpercent backoffice after the free registration. It all starts with the

‘7 Steps to Results’ Video Guided Program.

The 7 steps are:

  1. New Member Orientation (strategy is everything.)
    Here you will immediately discover the biggest secret behind our massive success with promotional campaigns and why they’re so effective. We will go over: details, strategy and plan for domination.
  2. Quick Setup & Multiple Streams of Income Activation
    Right away, we’ll get to it. In this step we’ll get your payment account setup so you can get paid. You’ll also be able to activate your multiple streams of income so you can get paid from up to 10 different sources – all passively!
  3. Your “Cash Machine” Setup
    We create industry-shacking, massive results-getting, records-setting custom funnels and marketing systems for everything we promote. In this step you will setup your very own ‘done-for-you’ marketing funnel ready to make you money.
  4. Power Activation. (How To Get Results in 24 hours)
    By this time, you’ll have your complete marketing system setup. In this step you’ll get specific instructions on exactly what you can do to start generating sales and results in as soon as 24 hours without spending any money on ads.
  5. Plant Your Flag, Become Unstoppable
    In this step you’ll learn what all of our top income earners, without exception have in common and how you can model what they do. You’ll learn how to save a bunch of money and immediately maximize and multiply the income you make with the system.
  6. Do This To Create ‘Invisible Power’
    In this step we dive into the #1 secret for creating what we call your “Invisible Power”. If you want to get to levels of massive success, you must follow certain rules. In this step you’ll learn how to dominate in the marketplace.
  7. Operation $100K
    This is where we take things to a whole other level. Imagine being a “fly on the wall” and watch Vick create a brand new campaign from scratch and generate $100K in commissions. You get to see every move, every click – in real time, all his successes and all his fails.

Is there anything else that I can expect after creating the free account?

Yes, with the free account you also have full access to several interviews with online marketing celebreties like Chris Record, Justin Verengia or Paulo Barroso who share how they got their first breakthroughs in online marketing.

Interviews of Top Earners in Online Marketing in 2016
Interviews of Top Earners in Online Marketing in 2016

Furthermore you will get free access to the four percent facebook community and you may even qualify for free access to the Next Level Marketer Academy (details will be announced soon).

Four Percent Community in Dec 2016
Four Percent Community in Dec 2016

Are total beginners actually really making money with the four percent system?

Yes, click here to visit the official website to see a recording of Vick checking the results of his members with the four percent system. Obviously there are no guaranties since this is a real business. But due to the step by step instructions with focus on simplicity and results many beginners made their first commissions ever with the pre-launch version of the four percent system.

How big can you scale the four percent system?

The four percent group promotes different companies in a unique way. In 2016 it promoted one high ticket program and several low ticket programs. With the high ticket program alone just in the beta phase the whole community made $ 3,000,000 in sales in 3 month.

In that phase many leaders qualified for a $100,000 bonus which was paid directly from the affiliated company Tecademics. 9 of the 10 top affiliates in the Tecademics leaders board used the 4% system.

Earnings Justin & D Bliss Verengia in November 2016 just with the Top Tecademics
Earnings Justin & D Bliss Verengia in November 2016 just with the Top Tecademics

and the cool thing is the other income streams have nice bonuses as well 🙂 again, of course, not everybody has such extraordinary results.

Just another Bonus as side product of promoting 4%
Just another Bonus as side product of promoting 4%

Or my personal sponsor Miles Segers who won a custom designed BMW i8 in Nov 2016

My Sponsor Miles Segers won a BMW i8 with the 4% group
My Sponsor Miles Segers won a BMW i8 with the 4% group

Ok, for any further questions contact the person who referred you to the 4% group or simply click in the link below to get instant access to the free video resources outlined in this article. Of course, any income statements made here are not typical or guaranteed since I requires taking action on the affiliate part (you).

Would You recommend using the 4% system to make money online?

Yes, 100%. Go here to register now for the free tour as long as it is available ==>>> http://workwitheyjay.com/FourPercent

Registration using this link also qualifies you for free access to certain levels of Next Level Marketer Academy (coming soon).